Are You Addicted???

What is an addiction? Addiction is a mental and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical or doing an activity, even though it is causing mental and physical harm. An addictive activity is something we do compulsively and do not have control over. We generally believe that addiction activities include the likes of smoking, drinking, and gambling. However, there are other activities that can be classified as per this definition. Social Media: Do you notice that these days people are…

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share market

No worry over War or elections

During the past two weeks, markets have undergone few ups and downs due to news of war and politics. This causes anxiety among investors. Are you worried about your savings and investments? If you follow a system of math-based algorithms to invest, you do not need to worry. Why?????? Math always remains the same. Algorithms do not care for war or politics. Investing based on Mathematical algorithm frees us from worries of current affairs of war or elections.  This is…

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Why does average Investor lose money?

Ask the following question to anyone. Are you an average investor? Majority of people answer “yes”. What defines an average investor? Average investors do not study markets. They do not have time.  They earn money through hard work from an area of their expertise. They invest this hard-earned money without studying what constitutes a good investment. They take shortcuts like following news, stock tips or expert advice. They buy and hold stocks. They do not have specific entry and exit…

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Return on investment

If 1 lac investment in shares rises by 50% (first year) and then drops by 50% (second year), what will be the return on investment? Common answer:  Zero 1 Lac. First year return +50%, second year return -50% average return 0%. Correct answer is loss of 25% How? 1 Lac becomes 1.5 lacs with 50% rise. 1.5 Lacs becomes 75 Thousand with 50% fall. Following is the picture to show why is it difficult to recover from losses. Some investors…

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Can We Time Mutual Funds?

Primarily, there are two types of investing. Value investing: In this, the investor looks for bargains. They buy the stocks that appear to be cheap. The problem with this fundamental based value investing is that the stock looks a good buy even when its prices are falling. Value investing is based on buy and hold (hope) for generating wealth over a period. Momentum investing: Investors buy stocks that are in demand and are moving up. These investors buy at high…

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How to learn trading skill?

Learning to trade Super Gann Trader Academy, which conducts share market courses in Mumbai, brings you the process of learning trading skill. Ram is teaching his 6-year-old son Shyam how to ride a bicycle. Initially, Shyam thinks that he can learn it in no time. He can sit on the bicycle and control the handle while pedaling and is able to ride it easily. He does not feel that this is a skill that takes time to develop. However, when he…

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What is information overload in trading?

What is Information overload? In this age of internet and mobile, we have plenty of information. Both the speed of information availability and its quantity has increased. However, this has not improved success rate for investors and traders. Today we do not suffer from lack of information, but from excess of information. Researchers now estimate that we take in only 1 to 2% of visual information available to us at any time. Traders and investors glued to multiple markets across…

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Objective vs Subjective Technical Analysis

The technical analysis is classified in to two different types called objective and Subjective. Here we will see how these different types of technical analysis work to give advantage to the traders. Subjective Technical Analysis Subjective technical analysis incorporates methods and patterns which are not precisely explained. Finally the output derived from the subjective method is  based on individual interpretation of the methods applied by the analyst.  Often this method causes two analysts although using similar market data, to get…

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Are you thinking like a trader?

Super Gann Trader Academy, which conducts stock market courses in Delhi, offers free trader awareness lessons. In “Thinking Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahnman gives an example of a Professor who is a willing to pay a maximum of $35 to purchase a vintage wine bottle. However, he is not willing to sell the same bottle for less than $100 once he has acquired this wine bottle. This is very commonly observed in our behavior. When we decide to sell our car…

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Bad is more powerful than good even in trading

Super Gann Trader Academy, which conducts stock market courses in Delhi, offers free trader awareness lessons. Examples of Bad is more powerful than good: • When evaluating marriage prospects for their daughter (in arranged marriage of south Asian region), parents will reject the prospective suitor for a single bad habit like gambling, alcoholic nature or womanizing even if he has a number of other good qualities like excellent job, high education, good looks or high status in society etc. • In…

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