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Learning to trade

Super Gann Trader Academy, which conducts share market courses in Mumbai, brings you the process of learning trading skill.

Ram is teaching his 6-year-old son Shyam how to ride a bicycle. Initially, Shyam thinks that he can learn it in no time. He can sit on the bicycle and control the handle while pedaling and is able to ride it easily. He does not feel that this is a skill that takes time to develop. However, when he tries to ride the bicycle, he falls. After many attempts, he is frustrated that cycling is not as easy as he thought.

He devotes more time and keeps trying. One day, finally, he can ride it a small distance of few meters. He gets encouraged. Now, he can ride the bicycle but he must concentrate on all his actions or he loses control and falls off. He practices riding the bicycle and after many weeks, he can ride it smoothly. He has become an expert.

b2How did he learn this skill? He went through several phases and became an expert.

Phase 1: Unconscious (not aware) and unskilled

Shyam was unaware of that riding bicycle required a skill to be mastered. He felt he would be able to do it in no time since he saw his friends and elders do it with ease.

Phase 2: Conscious (aware) but unskilled

Shyam became aware that riding the bike is not easy; it requires a skill that he will need to learn with effort.

Phase 3: Conscious (aware) and skilled

Shyam learnt to ride the bicycle but could only do it with a lot of concentration. If he got distracted or there was an obstacle in front of him, he was likely to fall off.

Phase 3: Unconscious (unaware) and skilled

Shyam became an expert when he practiced enough to be able to ride without conscious thinking. Now, he can handle any traffic or obstacle without any conscious effort on his part.

The same is true regarding learning to trade in stock market. Initially, traders are not even aware that trading is a skill that they need to learn. New traders will need to go through these four phases on their way to acquiring this skill.

Traders lose big money – often their entire capital – trying to learn without guidance.

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