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Supergann Trader Academy is offering Stock Market Course in India. This course will help you become the top trader in this business using our tested trading system.

Training in Chennai

Do you want to be a best trader of India? Reach us for best training services among others in Chennai.

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Training in Mumbai

Supergann Trading Academy is the trusted place to learn about stock market, offer best services at low cost.

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Training in Delhi

Are you looking to earn money through stock trading? Find us to get best training of share trading at affordable price.

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Compound interest is such a powerful tool that Albert Einstein once called it the most important invention in all of human history. Trading business takes advantage of compound interest and helps to build wealth over a period of time.

Work Smart Not Hard

A village had a drinking water source located 2 kilometers away. All villagers were required to fetch drinking water from there. This took a lot of their time, but since they needed water on a daily basis, they decided to give a contract of supplying water to all villagers by 10 AM in the morning. A few youngsters bid for the contract. Two youngsters, Ram and Shyam were awarded the contract.

Ram was a hard working person. He immediately purchased 2 big buckets and began to haul buckets of water from 5 AM in the morning. He barely managed to satisfy the village contract requirements. Shyam his competitor was nowhere in sight. Ram was very happy since he got all the cash from this work.

After a few days, Shyam returned with 2 investors and a plan. They laid a pipeline to the water source. They began pumping water to the village and supply water 24*7 at a much lesser cost. By working smart and setting up the water supply system, Shyam was making all the money while not doing any physical work like Ram. He also expanded his business by supplying water to other villages and soon became very rich.

Conducting a trading business is working smart and making your money work for you. Training cost is a one-time investment in getting the trading skill and mindset. Thereafter, you can set up the trading business to earn for a lifetime.

Course Contents

  • Advance level Stock Market Course on trading with system
  • A tested trading system with backtesting and optimization software
  • Trading system development process
  • Money management
  • Trading discipline
  • Weekly internet meetings to develop the trading skill and mindset.
  • Limited students will be taken in our stock market course to ensure quality service.
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How committed are you?
  •  The most important quality a person needs to be trader is commitment. Most people get into trading/investment having earned a lot of money in other professions. We see a lot of doctors, lawyers, engineers and information technology (IT) professionals get into trading. All those professions require a lot of training to master the skills involved. One cannot walk into a hospital with no training and do a heart surgery. Instead, it requires 16 years of basic schooling, 4 years of medical school, serving as an intern, and then completing a residency period. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment to begin practicing as a doctor.
  •  Let’s look at trading. What is the entry barrier for trading? You watch a show on television in which some expert advises you what stocks he or she likes. You then open up a brokerage account by filling out some account opening forms and deposit some money. You then buy some shares and eagerly wait for your profits. Getting into trading is that easy! It’s designed this way so that other people can take your money in fees and commissions. People, who trade this way, have the same results that an off-the street heart surgeon might have: the patient dies. In this case, the death is to your account.
  •  A cricket coach looks for talented players who have the commitment to follow the game and practice and do what it takes to become the best. This requires you to have a goal in mind and an intense desire to reach that goal, so that you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.
  • This is the essence of commitment. However, most people don’t realize that commitment is necessary for trading success, because it’s not required for entry into trading. Although I can teach people what’s important, I cannot give them the commitment to do it, and potential traders must have an intense commitment to get through the elements of successful trading.
  • What is your commitment to acquiring trading skill? This is the real entry requirement for trading success. So when someone tells me that they are an average investor, what they are actually saying is that they have no training and that they don’t plan to spend the time getting the training. That means they will probably get average results, and average investors generally lose money.
  •  Trading is a process. There is no right or wrong trading results, only feedback. You have received feedback about what you have done so far. Are you willing to change now? It’s never too late. You’re never too old. Today is always the first day of the rest of your life, so begin now.
Trading Secret
Attend our stock market course based on trading system from our expert trading coach to become the top trader.
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Helping clients gain financial freedom using better investing process and training traders to be profitable.
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