What is Information overload?

In this age of internet and mobile, we have plenty of information. Both the speed of information availability and its quantity has increased. However, this has not improved success rate for investors and traders. Today we do not suffer from lack of information, but from excess of information. Researchers now estimate that we take in only 1 to 2% of visual information available to us at any time. Traders and investors glued to multiple markets across the world, have millions of bits of information coming at them every second. Since some or the other markets are open around the world at any given time, this information stream does not stop. Some traders stay glued to the TV screens trying to process every bit of information.  But it is still not enough to trade successfully in the Market. However, it is important to realize that our conscious mind has a limited capacity (5 to 7 chunks) to process new information.For that the Share Market Classes in Chennai is there to give you the useful exact information about the Share Market.

How do we cope we this information overload?

Simply speaking we generalize, delete, distort most of the information.

Most traders and investors generalize and distort information by representing it as bar chart and indicator. This does not make it better. For the trader, such charts and indicator are just belief about the market patterns. These beliefs are formed by interactions with other traders, teachers or few personal experiences. Traders trading based on such beliefs fail, because these indicators and generalized ideas are never tested to confirm performance in the market by them. Today internet is the source of good as well as bad information. Bad or low quality information outweighs the good information by 99 to 1. Every trader investors advise others on what is a good investment what works in the market. It is a challenge to get quality information forms the internet because of abundance of junk quality information. To avoid this risk we are here and conducting Share Market Training in Mumbai. Here you can get the better guidance from the experts of the share market.

This junk information overload has made it more difficult to succeed in trading though we have easy availability and abundance of information on every topic including trading. In our class, we teach trading based on trading systems. Trading system is a set of rules for buying and selling that are tested to confirm performance in the market. Use of trading systems frees traders from being glued to the TV screen. Join us to learn and earn.