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Learn swimming or Trading; it’s the Same

 As a novice, you face many challenges in learning swimming. These include getting used to water, learning the swimming actions, learning how to breathe. We need to overcome fear of the water itself. Beginners try to grab water and their body is very stiff when they try swimming strokes.

How do we learn swimming?

We begin in the swimming pool, with a coach or a swimmer friend. This helps us sooth our nerves, as it removes the risk of drowning. We begin by getting practice of underwater breathing exercises. We slowly learn to relax our bodies and practice swimming strokes. You practice one style of swimming before adding another. Gradually, over a period of time, we begin to swim effortlessly without anxiety or stress. We, in fact, enjoy swimming.

As a beginner trader, we have many challenges in learning the trading skill. There are many factors that misguide us. Free trading or investment advice and running commentary of market movements on TV, makes trading appear very easy. Our human nature has basic flaws that cause us to make regular costly errors in the market.

How do we learn to trade?

We need an expert coach or guide to begin right. The expert, who understands our natural flaws, gives us tools to overcome them. He can provide a low-risk atmosphere to learn trading (swimming pool type). Initially, beginners (traders) have anxiety about the market and feel that the market is their adversary when they lose money. They are trying to beat the market. Slowly, they learn to trade with a trading system with low-risk. Gradually, they learn the trading skill and overcome their fear of the market. They practice cutting their losses and ride their profits. They begin trusting themselves that they can handle any situation and learn to enjoy trading.The market becomes their friend as it gives them opportunities to make money. This system-based trading gives them a business having potential to fulfill their dreams.

Points to note:

In swimming,risk (drowning risk) is visible and hence we do not go to learn swimming in the middle of the ocean. However,since financial risks (risk of loss) are abstract (not visible) and, hence, we do not know that we are trying to learn in very risky environment (like in the middle of an ocean).

This makes it essential to learn trading or investing from an expert who can guide us on such invisible risks.

Learning to swim takes time and practice.Similarly, learning the trading skill takes time and practice.

No amount of study can help you to learn swimming without getting into the pool. Similarly no trading study can help in trading unless you get in to market and get trading experience.

It is impossible to learn swimming if we move our body randomly and do not follow a swimming style. Similarly, it is not possible to learn trading skills if we trade randomly on tips and hunches and do not follow a trading system.

We advise everyone to get into markets, only under the guidance of an expert trading coach. You must learn to trade with low-risk.

Trading is the only profession in which a rank amateur has 50% chance of being right on any individual trade. He can make money on some trades just by luck. This gives them wrong impression that this success can be repeated. Later they realize that this is not true after losing considerable amount of money. To make money in market on regular basis we need to have trading skill, a good trading and money management system.

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