Mutual Fund

Do you want to realize your dreams?

  • Have additional source of income
  • Get rich and live debt free life
  • Have dream holidays
  • Own your home
  • Educate kids abroad

We can achieve these dreams in real life. This can be done, provided we work towards it.
Mutual funds allow us to invest our savings and help them grow faster. We take the compounding method and use it realize our dreams.

Mutual fund advantage

Diversification in single investment: Mutual fund Managers invests in lots of good companies that have potential to generate high returns. Hence when we invest in a fund, we invest in all those companies simultaneously.

No slippage cost: If we invest in all the companies ourselves, we will have to pay more as some of these companies are not having high trading volume.
Reduced price fluctuations: Due to diversification in lots of companies our Mutual Fund investment does not have the same price fluctuations as the regular shares prices in the market.

Reduced risk: Diversification also reduces the risk of the investment, even if a company from the portfolio goes bankrupt the overall portfolio has minor impact.

We have a strategic timing method of investing in market that uses market trends. We have tested our method. The method gives excellent returns while reducing downside risk.

Advantages of trading mutual fund with our timing system

MF Timing System: This is a system that indicates when conditions are right to invest in mutual fund and when conditions are not favorable as time to exit.

  • The indications are very simple like green and red dots. All calculations are converted into simple easy to understand signals.
  • Using our system to exit the MF investment, one can stay out of the market when the market is downtrend. This helps us take advantage of upside and reduce our downside. This keeps our drawdown to a minimum.
  • This system requires less than 5 minutes per day to update the NAV data.
  • The system also indicates when conditions are right to add to the existing investments.
  • It helps you to generate additional income and compound your wealth at higher rate.

Our MF timing System rules are programmed in excel sheet.

MF Timing System testing and performance

MF Timing System data update

MF Timing System sheet activation process


  • MF Timing System one-year License Rs 20,000
  • MF Timing System Life Time License Rs 100,000

In addition, get free Guidance on your retirement financial planning with every purchase.

MF Timing System free trial sheet download link

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