During the past two weeks, markets have undergone few ups and downs due to news of war and politics. This causes anxiety among investors. Are you worried about your savings and investments?

If you follow a system of math-based algorithms to invest, you do not need to worry. Why??????

Math always remains the same. Algorithms do not care for war or politics. Investing based on Mathematical algorithm frees us from worries of current affairs of war or elections.  This is because they are based on rules that are tested to be profitable.

While passing thru jungle if you see a tiger what should you do? Those who begin to think and wish to confirm if the tiger is hungry and Man eater type will end up being eaten by the tiger while those who run at the slightest risk (based on rules) without thinking may survive.

Accordingly, rules have their value. We do not use them because we like them. We use them because they do the job.

Investing in markets based on rules that have proven themselves during testing is highly profitable. It saves time every day since no thinking is required in executing these rules. To learn all these kind of algorithms in the best place like Stock Market Courses in Delhi for the bright future and those helps in the trading. Thinking is done only during the rules planning and testing phase of rules-based algorithms. This kind of rule-based algorithms making, and testing is done when we are in the cool and rational (not emotional) state of mind. The execution is done during the market hours when we may be high on emotions.

In Star Trek television series Mr. Spock is the highly rational and non-emotional person.

Are you prepared to work like Mr. Spock of Star Trek in the stock market?

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