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shareExamples of Bad is more powerful than good:
• When evaluating marriage prospects for their daughter (in arranged marriage of south Asian region), parents will reject the prospective suitor for a single bad habit like gambling, alcoholic nature or womanizing even if he has a number of other good qualities like excellent job, high education, good looks or high status in society etc.
• In cricket, a single weakness (like unable to handle short pitch ball) in a good batsman is utilized by opposing teams to get him out. It can ruin the batsman’s career prospects.
• A single cockroach can spoil the attractive appeal of a bowl of cherries, while a single cherry does nothing to reduce the repulsive appeal of a bowl of cockroaches.
• Good relationship and reputations of years can be undone by a single act of misconduct.

Our minds have evolved to give more weightage to bad news than to good news. Our ancestors lived in jungles for thousands of generations. For them, missing a single food opportunity was bad. But missing to notice a predator even on one instance was life threatening. Hence, our genes have evolved to give more importance to bad news, because it improved our chances of survival in hostile atmosphere.
Bad news grabs our attentions. This is one of the prime reason that most of the TV news channels broadcast bad news, most of the time. It helps them get our attention that gets converted into advertising revenues for them.

How does this relate to trading and investing?
Trading is a one-man business. A single bad habit or behavior is enough to make a person fail in trading. To improve trading results, first thing we need to do is to get rid of our weakness and bad trading habits as there is no safety net of a team or a boss.
This can only be done by acquiring knowledge and diligent practice. Majority of people enter this profession as an average investor or trader. They do not prepare and study for this profession. It is no wonder that we have less than 10% trader’s success rate.

bc6.2Bad habits of trading:
Risking too much: When we learn to drive, we drive very cautiously at low speed and one side of the road. However, when beginners learn to trade they take risks with their entire savings. They lose their savings before they even learn the basics of trading and investing.
Financial risks are not visible risks. We take these risks unknowingly because we are not aware of the consequences.
You need to learn the rules of the game before getting into the game itself.

Overtrading: People trade too much because they want to make 50 to 100% every month/year from this profession. The same people are satisfied with 4 to 5% return from savings in bank.
Trading on tips: You are dependent on someone else. One cannot be successful in any profession if he depends on someone else.
There are numerous other weaknesses of the human mind that can cause one to make mistakes and cause financial ruin. For details of the human mind’s weaknesses, I will recommend reading “Thinking fast and thinking slow” by Daniel Kahnman.
Knowing oneself is the first step in our journey to become successful in trading.
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